How it Works

For Shirt Orders:

Step 1: Order your shirt

Step 2: I get your order

Step 3: I order your shirt and your print 

    [Step 3a: If I already have the print in stock, it will get to you quicker!]

Step 4: I receive shirt and print

Step 5: I'll heat press your shirt!

Step 6: Package & mail your shirt

Step 7: Receive your shirt. Enjoy!

For Tumbler Orders: 

Step 1: Order your tumbler

Step 2: I get your order

Step 3: I order your tumbler & vinyl if needed

Step 4: I receive your tumbler

Step 5: I'll design your monogram and send you a mockup for you to approve.

Step 6: I cut your design out of high quality permanent vinyl & seal it to your tumbler.

Step 7: Let your tumbler set for 24-48 to let the adhesion become permanent

Step 8: Package & mail your tumbler

Step 9: Receive your customized tumbler. Enjoy!